Tokyo and Seoul, May 2018

The story of the trip can be read in my blog starting here.

The best photos can be found below. More photos here, and a few that I kept for informational purposes.

Image TokyoSeoulBest2018.20180514.1350966.GO.FZ1000.html, size 458684 b
Image TokyoSeoulBest2018.20180515.1360181.GO.FZ1000.html, size 460864 b
Image TokyoSeoulBest2018.20180519.1360626.GO.FZ1000.html, size 473450 b
Image TokyoSeoulBest2018.20180519.1360652.GO.FZ1000.html, size 260428 b
Image TokyoSeoulBest2018.20180522.1370123.GO.FZ1000.html, size 547700 b
Image TokyoSeoulBest2018.20180523.1370272.GO.FZ1000.html, size 593846 b
Image TokyoSeoulBest2018.20180524.1370333.GO.FZ1000.html, size 460551 b 
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