When I was clearing out my storage locker in Montreal in 2002 I found this tray of slides. They were what I considered to be the best slides I had shot up to about 1994. I'm not sure when I started shooting colour slides (maybe 1983?), but most of these are from 1990 to 1992.

Image slides.slide01.html, size 102750 b
Image slides.slide02.html, size 149725 b
Image slides.slide04.html, size 121454 b
Image slides.slide14.html, size 44798 b
Image slides.slide07.html, size 96014 b
Image slides.slide07bw.html, size 76104 b
Image slides.slide08.html, size 52926 b
Image slides.slide09.html, size 53327 b
Image slides.slide10.html, size 90618 b
Image slides.slide11.html, size 132493 b
Image slides.slide12.html, size 146366 b
Image slides.slide13.html, size 48835 b
Image slides.slide05.html, size 53760 b
Image slides.slide15.html, size 53754 b
Image slides.slide16.html, size 21816 b
Image slides.slide17.html, size 69403 b
Image slides.slide18.html, size 132693 b
Image slides.slide19.html, size 168814 b
Image slides.slide20.html, size 112255 b
Image slides.slide21.html, size 45674 b
Image slides.slide23.html, size 81534 b
Image slides.slide24.html, size 36306 b
Image slides.slide25.html, size 157719 b
Image slides.slide26.html, size 52266 b
Image slides.slide27.html, size 80460 b
Image slides.slide28.html, size 127146 b
Image slides.slide29.html, size 95228 b
Image slides.slide22.html, size 57096 b
Image slides.slide31.html, size 45582 b
Image slides.slide30.html, size 90462 b
Image slides.slide32.html, size 39734 b
Image slides.slide33.html, size 76582 b
Image slides.slide34.html, size 60840 b
Image slides.slide35.html, size 87919 b
Image slides.slide36.html, size 90723 b
Image slides.slide37.html, size 74625 b 
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