2019-2020 Photo Gallery

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This is the best of a couple years worth of images off my phone. It's a sorry lot: I haven't been practicing enough.

Image 201920photos.2019-09-23.0153.GO.iPhoneXR.html, size 570776 b
Image 201920photos.2019-10-03.0168.GO.iPhoneXR.html, size 414118 b
Image 201920photos.2019-10-05.0177.GO.iPhoneXR.html, size 726749 b
Image 201920photos.2019-10-05.0179.GO.iPhoneXR.html, size 479956 b
Image 201920photos.2020-10-23.0406.GO.iPhoneXR.html, size 647395 b
Image 201920photos.2020-10-29.0426.GO.iPhoneXR.html, size 508380 b
Image 201920photos.2020-11-08.0450.GO.iPhoneXR.html, size 753514 b
Image 201920photos.2020-11-13.0452.GO.iPhoneXR.html, size 825779 b
Image 201920photos.2020-11-13.0455.GO.iPhoneXR.html, size 626362 b
Image 201920photos.2020-12-11.0463.GO.iPhoneXR.html, size 716429 b

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