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The BioDome in Montreal. They had four kinds of penguins: Gentoo, King, Macaroni, and Rock Hopper. The Gentoo were commonest, and they dominated the water. On land they waddle like a person with their knees tied together. In the water they're torpedos, averaging 24 km/h, gliding with incredible grace. The penguin is the symbol of Linux (my operating system of choice): "Gentoo" has been used for the name of a Linux distribution, and "King" has been used by a manufacturer(s). Any takers on "Macaroni?" They're certainly one of the coolest looking with their ludicrous hair do (although the Rock Hopper offers some serious competition in that department). Unfortunately, none are visible in this shot. "Macaroni Linux, the distro with dreads."

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Photo © 2006, Giles Orr 
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