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I saw a couple movies before I left Bangkok. The Thais could teach North America a thing or two about running movie theatres. Regular seating is ASSIGNED, and $3US. Assigned seating: you choose where you sit from the seats available when you purchase. So there's no rush to get into the theatre, and they don't even open the doors until ten minutes before the movie starts. Then they show ads and trailers, as you'd expect. But just before the movie, up comes a message saying "Please pay your respects to the King," at which we all stand up for the National Anthem (at least I assume it's the anthem ...). Thai movies tend to be incredibly violent - I haven't seen any in the theatres, but I've seen trailers and parts of VCDs - and I don't need to see any. Most American movies are shown in English with Thai subtitles. And "Aeon Flux" is pretty bad. I enjoyed it, but it just doesn't hold up well in this format. I did enjoy the huge billboard at another theatre I saw ...

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