The Ergodox Keyboard

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A friend of mine ordered an Ergodox keyboard from Massdrop. The Ergodox keyboard is a lot like the Kinesis, but flat and in two halves (see images below). It's also fully open source, both hardware and software. Massdrop allows multiple people to order one each, and it accumulates the orders until there are enough to take advantage of a reasonable bulk discount. Then the parts are shipped to the purchasers ... who have to assemble their own keyboards. Lovely idea, but I'm very unimpressed by Massdrop's requirement that you have to create an account to see anything on the site - you can't even see the price, never mind the status of the current order or download keyboard layouts. This latter is an issue for me as my friend has loaned me the keyboard for review.

The Good

The Bad

Am I going to get one? Probably not. I love the separately placeable halves, and the extensive key-mapping is nice. In all other respects I prefer the Kinesis layout (although it took a VERY long time to get used to). The price is high, I'd have to assemble it (not difficult, but I don't need the grief), and there's the unanswered question of why it holds typed keys for up to ten seconds and then writes them all out: not a good thing. It may be a weird interaction between Linux's USB layer and the Teensy microcontroller, but until I know I wouldn't want to invest the money.

Image Ergodox.20140705.0103.GO.CanonSX150.html, size 122826 b
Image Ergodox.20140705.0105.GO.CanonSX150.html, size 127081 b
Image Ergodox.20140726.0110.GO.CanonSX150.html, size 91109 b
Image Ergodox.20140726.0112.GO.CanonSX150.html, size 117286 b
Image Ergodox.20140726.0113.GO.CanonSX150.html, size 96122 b
Image Ergodox.20140726.0114.GO.CanonSX150.html, size 101550 b
Image Ergodox.20140726.0115.GO.CanonSX150.html, size 146950 b 
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