'Widows' - Movie Review

Veronica (Viola Davis, not my favourite actress) is married to Harry Rawlings (Liam Neeson). Harry is a thief, a very good one, but Veronica isn't involved in that part of his life. As the movie opens, we see bits and pieces of the lives of Harry and his crew ... interspersed with their latest job, which goes horribly wrong and leaves them all dead. All before the title, which is of course "Widows." Veronica finds herself saddled with Harry's very large debt to the wrong people and a short time to pay it. She recruits a couple other widows of her husband's crew to pull off what would have been her husband's next job, even though none of them are criminals.

It is, as the reviews have suggested, very tense, as these women find themselves attracting the attention of career criminals who have no qualms about killing people. I think part of my not enjoying the film was that when I saw it was a "heist" movie I thought "Oceans Eleven" or "The Italian Job" - relatively light-hearted, humorous, and involving a complex and technically interesting heist. This is not that. The heist is well planned, but it's not overly interesting and it's not the core of the movie ... and things inevitably go wrong. This is also not "light-hearted," nor is it humorous. Part of the problem for me is also that the lead character is miserable and not very likeable, and played by an actress I don't like. So ... I get that this is a good movie, but I didn't like it much.