'Plus One' - Movie Review

"Plus One" stars Maya Erskine as Alice, and Jack Quaid as Ben. They're in their twenties, old college friends now burdened with a summer full of weddings, and Alice and her boyfriend have just split. After some negotiation, they decide the festivities will be more easily navigated if they go together.

Jack Quaid is the son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan - a heritage that I thought would have made him better looking (which isn't to say he's unattractive). And I couldn't see any relation between him and his father in still pictures - but the second he smiles, "holy shit, he looks exactly like his Dad!"

Alice is a little crazy, and gets thoroughly drunk at the first wedding after her break-up. Ben is mostly fairly laid back, but you see the match between their sensibilities and sense of humour. This is a rom-com, so of course they get together. Sadly for me, I've seen enough rom-coms to know: "it's too early in the movie: there'll be a set-back." And indeed there was.

But it's a rom-com, right? So the important questions aren't about the plot, but rather about the characters and their interactions. They're likeable and they're very funny. I enjoyed it, but not really a favourite.