'The Grizzlies' - Movie Review

Set in Kugluktuk, Nunavut, Ben Schnetzer plays Russ Sheppard - a Canadian teaching graduate paying off his debt to the Canadian government by working in one of the least desirable schools in the country. Nunavut is plagued by alcoholism, domestic violence, the ongoing fallout of our horrific residental schools, and the highest teen suicide rate on the continent. There are three teen suicides in our new teacher's first couple months, on a town population of 1000 (according to Wikipedia). The story is based on that of the actual Russ Sheppard, who started a lacrosse program at the high school.

It's essentially a traditional inspirational sports movie, but well put together and possibly more disturbingly realistic than most. On the plus side, it's hopeful - as all movies in this category are. While I obviously didn't think it was a great film, I did enjoy it.