'Children of Dune' - TV Review

A second TV mini-series from Sci-Fi to follow up their 2000 version of "Dune." The format is much the same, with three episodes of 90 minutes each. The biggest difference is that the first episode covers the material from Herbert's much-maligned (and deservedly so) book Dune Messiah, and the second and third cover the book with the same title as the series, Children of Dune.

Happily, they've managed to get rid of at least some of the Hippie Sixties that Herbert trowelled on to Dune Messiah. Young rising star James McAvoy does a good job as Leto (although he spends pretty much all of the latter two episodes with his shirt off), but much of the acting is quite bad - including Susan Sarandon who's certainly capable of better. The bad CGI remains the same.

It's not bad, but I thought their version of "Dune" was significantly superior. Partly, I suppose, because it's just a better story ...