'Sense8' Finale: 'Amor Vincit Omnia'

More of the same (violence, and in between lots of true love and sex), but less character and more plot-driven. I was glad to see the characters I liked have a happy ending, and mostly glad to see it done in one 2.5 hour episode. The title is surprisingly predictable, being a latin phrase drawn from a poem written by Virgil - that gets mentioned in the episode - meaning "Love Conquers All" (the translation isn't mentioned: I guess Lana Wachowski didn't want to be that obvious).

Some things felt very rushed. It was clear that the other clusters and power groups were meant to be developed, probably over at least a couple more seasons of the can-we-trust-them-or-not paranoia that I was so happy to lose via this cancellation-and-wrap-up route that brought us to this one long episode. Things like Puck and the rest of his cluster suddenly being trustworthy, and the almost totally unexplained group that Bodhi belongs to. And yet, in classic "Sense8" style, several scenes are overly drawn out.

And what is the last frame of the story that we're left with? A rainbow-coloured dildo still slick from use after our favourite cluster's final joyful orgy. Lana is nothing if not classy.

Not as satisfying as it should have been.