The Six Brewhouse - Brew Pub Review

The Six Brewhouse ( ) is located at 777 Dundas West at Bathurst. I find "The Six" an improbable and fairly meaningless name for the city of Toronto, but Drake seems to have made it stick.

They have a nice patio just off Dundas a block west of Bathurst. The food is slightly upscale pub grub, focussing on burgers and nachos. The beers have very Toronto-oriented names: Trash Panda Porter, Streetcar Delay IPA, Lost in the Path Lagered Ale - those three in particular being ones people from outside the city are unlikely to get. The food was decent but not extraordinary. The desserts were a particularly mixed bag: the Creme Brulee and Flourless Chocolate Cake were very good, but the Sticky Toffee Pudding consisted of a hard miniature muffin drizzled in a small quantity of toffee syrup that was rejected by all four of the people in my party (and happily removed from the bill). The beers were good - unfortunately without being particularly noteworthy, although I was entertained by one of our non-beer drinking friends discovering that IPAs are, in fact, bitter.

If you live in the area, this would be a very good neighbourhood pub, but if I'm traveling to drink beer I'll still make the hike to either Bellwoods Brewery or Bandit Brewery (sorry guys).

To cover my various points for the beer map: patio yes, bottle shop yes, food yes, flights yes.