'Murder in Alsace' - Movie Review

French title: "Disparition inquiétante." The first of the previous set of "Murder In ..." movies I reviewed: "Murder in the Auvergne Mountains."

A children's group is at a fair in front of a cathedral in Alsace. Within seconds of the beginning of the movie, the teacher is murdered (in the open) and the children all quietly ... disappear. Our lead cop is Maya Rosetti (Sara Forestier), who finds herself having to turn to her ex-boyfriend Clément Hermann (Pierre Rochefort) who is a child psychologist for help. She's more than a little tempestuous, although a good cop.

This is not one of the better efforts in the series: as we find out more about the people who did it, it seems less and less likely they would have ... or would have succeeded. None of the characters are particularly appealing (or entirely believable). Possibly worst of all, the area's scenery isn't well displayed (this is "Murder in ...", that's kind of the point) - and once again, the compression on the DVD makes the video quality crap.