'Murder in Cotentin' - Movie Review

Original French title "Meurtres en Cotentin:" IMDB lists this as "S6 - E7." Cotentin is a peninsula of France in the northwest that extends toward the south side of England. It's right next to the islands of Jersey and Guernsey.

A man is found floating in a pond, with broom flowers carefully placed on the body. Hélène Ribéro (Chloé Lambert) and Étienne Letourneau (Jean-Philippe Ricci) pick up the case, and Hélène finds herself having to question her boyfriend (Lannick Gautry) who was at odds with the murdered man. She also finds out that one of the last people to see the murdered man alive is an attractive younger woman (Léa François) whose appearance fits a local myth ... and who is staying with her boyfriend.

Better than yesterday's "Murder in Alsace," the people were more likable (I'm aware that shouldn't necessarily be important, and yet it is), and more importantly the case was more interesting and made more sense once solved. Also a bit more travel porn than the last one.