'Monster Run' - Movie Review

"Monster Run" is another low rent Chinese fantasy movie that's available on Netflix. It's set in an anonymous modern Chinese city, with our heroine having trouble because she can see monsters in our world and is considered possibly insane (or at least weird) because of this. She's working late when a Yeti appears in her supermarket and a monster hunter comes along and has a destructive fight with the monster. In a time-worn turn of events, the damage to the supermarket gets her in trouble.

There are a huge number of flicks like this on Netflix. Before I got on Netflix, I watched a few of these, notably "Painted Skin" and its sequel - and I keep hoping the Netflix stuff will be as good. "Painted Skin" and its sequel were occasionally hard to understand because there's a common cultural mythology that China has that audiences are assumed to already know - which isn't true for North Americans. That aside, I really enjoyed them. But "Monster Run" - I had the distinct feeling that I was missing stuff because the movie was missing details: it was just badly constructed. I watched it through, but it's not good.