'Blown Away' Season 1 - TV Review

"Blown Away" is a Netflix series of ten episodes of 25 minutes each, a glass blowing competition show apparently modelled on the History Channel's "Forged in Fire." They start with ten glass artists, give them a challenge, and each week eliminate one from the running. I've always loved glass blowing and wanted to try it - although apparently never quite enough that I got around to actually doing so. But that meant this series held a huge appeal to me. It was a significant added bonus that the show is filmed in Hamilton, with all the assistants to the artists being supplied by the Sheridan College glass-blowing program.

I found a lot to like about the show: the artists were all interesting characters. The pieces they produced were often really beautiful, and always interesting. The episodes are relatively short, which works well. And I learned a lot about the making of glass art. It's a fun series.