The Granite Brewery - Brew Pub Review

The Granite Brewery (245 Eglinton Avenue East, actually faces onto Mount Pleasant) is possibly Toronto's oldest brew pub. They opened in 1991 and have been in continuous operation since. They have an amazingly large space, with patios at the front and back, and similarly interior spaces at the back and the front of the building. It's a low-key and fairly quiet space. The beer list runs to six or eight beers across the spectrum, and tends to be more stable than most brew pubs: they have rotating stuff, but a stable set of about five beers that are almost always available (from what I can tell). They do flights: I sampled the Ringberry, Peculiar, Best Bitter, and Keefe's Irish Stout. All were drinkable, and I particularly enjoyed the Ringberry (a relatively light raspberry ale). The Best Bitter isn't very bitter, and the stout is relatively mild for a stout, but still good. Across a couple visits it's become clear that you should avoid anything involving shrimp that they produce, but other than that the food is quite good and I plan to visit again. They have a bottle shop if you want anything to go.