'Minority Report' - TV Review, two episodes

"Minority Report" - the movie - remains one of my favourite SF movies of all time, despite its central conceit that's closer to fantasy in an otherwise science fiction movie. The concept remains important here, as the TV series is picking up the exact same universe as the movie: the movie terminated the "Pre-Crime" program, and turned the three precogs (Pre-Cognitives, who could see the future) loose after a decade of being a detection system instead of human beings. Now Dash (one of the three, played by Stark Sands) has returned to the city and connected with a police detective (Meagan Good), and together they use his visions (and sometimes his brother Arthur's - Nick Zano) to try to prevent crimes before they happen.

Reviews were fairly negative, with the Rotten Tomatoes consensus opinion saying "Lacking either the action or the imagination of its big-screen predecessor, Minority Report is a pedestrian spinoff that fails to capture the vision of the film." This is, unfortunately, exactly right.