'Eulalie's Corner Store' - Review

As a follow-up to my Beer Map, I headed out for a night of reviewing (the crass among you would simply call it "drinking beer"). Eulalie's Corner Store in the heart of the area formerly known as Little India (okay, it's still called that, but it barely deserves the name anymore - all gentrified with less and less Indian businesses) is a tiny place with a fairly short tap list of local brews and some very good food. I had the Chicken Banh Mi - I have to admit that I would choose Banh Mi Boys over them, but only by a small margin. Which is a compliment - I think Banh Mi Boys is fantastic. My friend had the Japanese fried Chicken, which was also really good. I had the Sweetgrass Shagbark stout, which was really lovely. Sort of middle weight, smooth, good taste, just ... nice. The beer that scared us the most on the menu was the "Left Field Mango Lassi IPA," which they eventually brought us a sample of: as it turned out, it was a really nice IPA with some mango flavour. My friend found it a little too hop-forward and bitter, but I (usually bothered by that quality) thought it was just right. My friend had the Muddy York Brick Maker Common - not my style of beer and I wasn't a fan of this one either. My friend thought it was good initially, but eventually became ... indifferent.

The space is two small rooms with reasonably comfortable recycled furniture, facing the Gerrard/Ashdale Library.

Overall review: recommended for the food and the taps! Because of the size, consider making a reservation (which they won't make Thursday-Friday-Saturday).

Website: https://www.eulaliescornerstore.com

photo: Terrible picture, but at least it gives you an idea of the space (there's another smaller room behind me)

Bar, several taps, TV, and a couple occupied tables

photo: The menu

A list of their very good food options