Godspeed Brewery - Review

Godspeed Brewery opened about three months ago just south of Gerrard and Coxwell. It's a big and nice-looking place with a classic brew pub minimalist asthetic and big shiny tubs behind glass at the back. Setback #1 is that they don't offer flights: many brew pubs will give four, five, or even six sample glasses of their beer for $10-$12 so you can really tell what they're about, but Godspeed doesn't offer this. That was disappointing. I was there with a friend, so we ordered three of the smaller sized beers (4 oz @ $4.25) and shared them. The "Yuzu" smells and looks like a white. The taste is so inoffensive as to be almost non-existent. I got slight hints of lemon, which my friend couldn't detect.

But then it got worse. The second beer we tried was their "Momiji," an Amber Keller. It had only marginally more taste, but a decidedly bitter tail on it. And finally, the Smoked Porter. Sounds lovely, but we eventually labeled it "smoked molasses dishwater." The taste starts okay with the smoke, but goes unpleasantly sideways as it progresses. I finished the Yuzu because it was at least drinkable, but between the two of us we still left beer in both the other glasses - which should tell you something about how we felt about the product.

They have food, although we didn't try any. Mostly Japanese snacks, a couple things that looked like they might qualify as dinner.

Weirdest thing about the place? The bar stools. The frames are solid iron and about 100x stronger than they need to be: I think they weigh 35 kilos each.

I have no intention of returning. I wish the best for all brew pubs, but these folks need to seriously rethink their beers.

Website: https://godspeedbrewery.com

Beer Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1lD5bs_7kd9vN23SRrH5VdFT8fj8

photo: The Yuzu, Momiji, and Smoked Porter

light, brown, and opaque beers with the taps behind

photo: The menu

list of available snacks and a couple meal-like things