India 2001 Travel Diary, Part 20

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Sunday 3 June 2001, 0910 (Zurich time)

Zurich airport.

Bettye joined us at the airport last night: the story I heard (third hand, of course) was that a quarrel over a marriage let to one member of the Nepalese royal family slaughtering all the others (including themselves?) and the next day (yesterday) Nepal shut all its borders. So Bettye could wait in case the borders opened again, but she paid a $150 penalty and returned with us.

1340 (Zurich time) 0740 (Atlanta time)


A long way to go. Haven't really slept. Guess I'm going to bed early tonight. It'll be good to see Tim and Jacob and Barbara and Bonnie again. Like any good trip, it's impossible to believe that it was merely three weeks, and that their world is almost unchanged.

Carol and Bettye and Marc went on a faculty development trip to South Asia a year or two ago. By the end of that, the members of the group were hardly speaking to each other. That didn't happen to this group at all. In fact, I expected us to split into cliques, at least a little, and we haven't even done that. Farley, Rich, and Julia were the closest we came, our theatre clique. But Julia is sitting with Jim Engstrom now, and they've been laughing their heads off. Phil was our party animal. Marilyn was often his dance partner. We teased her some because she always looked good, had clean clothes. Like just about everyone else Marilyn is quite visibly fit. Even she was seen to sweat occasionally.

Now that we're flying, I want to be back. I want to get to making my India website, getting my more than 700 pictures processed and scanned ...

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