India 2001 Travel Diary, Part 17

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Tuesday 29 May 2001, 1020

Still sick, staying back from classes again. This really sucks.

I thought I couldn't feel any worse than yesterday morning, but I was wrong. The afternoon was absolute hell. The ibuprofen didn't seem to make a dent in the fever or headache, so I switched to the pills Meena's doctor had given me, figuring they could't make things any worse. In fact, I finally managed to sleep some, and woke up at 2300 when Doug got back from the evening's party. Since the go-karting part of the evening was cancelled, I didn't miss this event much - another celebration.

This morning I managed to shower and shave, more than I could do yesterday. I went out to breakfast, but only managed to force down most of a piece of toast with jam - I have no appetite. Everybody kept asking "Are you feeling better?" I wanted to say yes, but I'm not. Still have a headache and chills, and I feel incredibly weak (I'm pretty sure I'm not dehydrated). Packing was a horrible chore - every motion makes the headache clamp down.

We leave for Delhi tonight by train. I would really like to enjoy the rest of this trip.


On the train from Mumbai to Delhi. The sleeper quarters are kind of bizarre. It's an "experience," but one I would have preferred to have in better health. I may be slightly better. I hope.

The bus ride from the hotel was rough - I had to look straight ahead or my head would start to hurt. From the train station they took us across a couple streets to an air-con restaurant to wait a little while. It was nice to sit for a while, but the walk was painful.

Doug and Gary and I are sharing a compartment with "Desan," a Punjabi electrical engineer who's moving to Toronto in a month.

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