'The World's End' Movie Review

"The World's End" is the name of the movie, the last pub on the epic 12 pub crawl the group of friends never completed, and possibly a literal interpretation. Simon Pegg plays Gary King, a serious wanker approaching 40 who (through some seriously underhanded manoeuvring) manages to get his high school friends together in an attempt relive the glory days (as he sees it) and complete the pub crawl they failed out of at the end of high school. And so Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan, and Paddy Considine return to their boring hometown to make the attempt (they're joined later by Rosamund Pike and Pierce Brosnan: this is a well-staffed movie). But this is a Pegg product, and all isn't quite as it appears: the residents of the town aren't as welcoming as Gary had hoped, and in fact behave very oddly indeed.

Most people have avoided giving any spoilers related to this movie in their reviews: we're a couple years out now and nobody reads this blog anyway, so I'll toss in a small spoiler: this is a science fiction movie. Okay, not exactly: it's a comedy throughout, but about 40 minutes in it takes a sharp turn into territory any SF fan would claim for their own.

I find Pegg's comedy very hit-or-miss, and - for me at least - he missed this time. There were a few good jokes, but with a bunch of not terribly likable people and a weird and rather silly plot, movie length is just way too long for this.