'Fate: The Winx Saga' Season 1 - TV Review

This is a Netflix live action teen urban fantasy, evidently based on a Nickelodeon animated series.

If you drew a straight line from Harry Potter to "The Magicians," you would find this series right on that line, dead in the middle. It unapologetically ransacks tropes and ideas from both and adds nothing new.

Our main character is Bloom (Abigail Cowen), a young woman who was raised as human but turns out to have fairy magic and so is sent to a boarding school called Alfea College to learn to control her magic. There she's put in a suite of rooms with four other students - in a passing reference, we see that they live in the "Winx" suite. Her roommates are Stella (a light fairy), Aisha (a water fairy), Terra (an earth fairy), and Musa (a mind fairy). Bloom's outsider status is played up, we're introduced to a hot boy (Danny Griffin as Sky) who's a second year "Specialist" (warrior) student who becomes Bloom's implicit love interest, and various other students and faculty. Much is made of the strength of Bloom's powers, her lack of control, her unknown parentage, and her temper.

During the season, Bloom gains control and makes friends, and realizes that A) everyone is flawed, and B) everybody is doing what they think is right (these are big themes in the series). And then (SPOILER ALERT, stop reading etc.) she proves her incredible strength by saving many people, resolves all of her personal conflicts and unites her friends and family, and comes back to the school to find that in seeking answers to questions about her own history she's unleashed a far worse fate on the school - to be continued.

What we have is an "edgy" teen remake of what is apparently a beloved kids animated show that relies way too heavily on clich├ęs and ideas from other series. It's not terrible, but it's definitely bad.