'The Wedding Plan' - Movie Review

A 2016 Israeli romantic comedy about a woman who finds herself without a fiancée a month before the wedding but decides to go through with the wedding - sans groom. Although she expects one to show up by the grace of God. We follow her increasingly odd encounters with men, her wedding hall rental and arrangements, and her interactions with her family and friends in the next month leading up to the climactic wedding.

At the beginning of the movie she admits to the fortune teller that she wants "to be sung to." I guessed, and it was confirmed by what happened, that this wasn't about having a musician as a husband but a desire for a religious man. But it made me realize that the movie assumes (reasonably enough, being an Israeli film) a knowledge of both Israeli and Jewish culture that I don't have. I caught that detail, but I must have missed dozens more. Given the concept, it was bound to be a bit weird - but it was made stranger by my lack of knowledge of the society and religion that are taken as given by the movie.

Kind of interesting and occasionally funny, but I felt lost for large chunks of the movie.