'The Cold Blue' - Movie Review

A modern companion piece to "The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress." This documentary was made during the restoration of that one, from both movie footage and B-roll footage not originally used. This is accompanied by various members of the 8th Air Force (the Air Force the Memphis Belle was part of, but none of that plane's crew were still alive) talking about what it was like to fight in the war on the B-17s. Having just watched "The Memphis Belle" earlier today, much of the footage used here was familiar - but the commentary from the surviving flyers is both horrible and wonderful. And it ends with one of the airmen suggesting we all go home tonight and pray God that such a war never happens again.

Both very similar - in subject and footage - to "The Memphis Belle," and very different - because the voice-overs for this one were looking back from 70 years after the war. Every bit as good as "The Memphis Belle," and they should be watched together.