'Sleeping Giants' - Book Review

Sleeping Giants
by Sylvain Neuvel

A book I spotted at the library that sounded interesting. A look at reviews online suggested it would be worth my time. Added bonus: the author is Canadian (out of Montreal).

The book is almost entirely in the form of interviews between various people and a nameless interrogator. There are a few other sections which are parts of people's diaries, transcripts from military interviews and the like. It sounds like it would be awkward or dry, but in fact it's fast-paced and gripping. It's near future SF, with the main premise being the discovery and recovery of various parts of a huge ... well, it's a Mecha, there's no way around it ... scattered all over the Earth. The pieces are 3000 years old, which suggests they weren't built by us. The unnamed man (I think he was named as male at one point, but I'm not entirely sure) is politically powerful and a weird combination of compassion and ruthlessness in the search to find all the pieces and figure out what they can do.

It's very well written and entertaining. Predictability is a huge issue for me these days, but that wasn't a problem here: I had no real idea where he was going, but I was quite satisfied when he got there. Which is a really good sign. Recommended.