'The Secret Life of Pets' - Movie Review

It turns out that our pets do strange things when we're not home ... and the trailer (well, only the first one) for the movie didn't give away much more than the first five minutes of the movie (amazing they needed so little of the movie to both set the stage and make you laugh enough to want to watch it ...). It was all they really needed to sell me on the movie: a very proper Standard Poodle listening to classical music until his owner exits the apartment ... when he immediately starts thrashing to System of a Down's "Bounce." I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. And it remains the best joke in the entire movie, but they had a good shot at it: they managed to put a lot of jokes into a relatively short runtime.

Our hero is Max, a happy dog made unhappy by the addition of a new dog to the household. Their rivalry leads to both of them ending up miles from home, struggling to get back. You get the idea: the plot's not important, only the large array of crazy characters from a crew of voice actors who are clearly enjoying themselves. A fun and funny movie.