'On Your Wedding Day' - Movie Review

The first third of the movie concentrates on the relationship of our two main characters in high school, and the humour is quite broad. Our leads are Hwang Woo-yeon (played by Kim Young-kwang) and Hwan Seung-hee (Park Bo-young). Seung-hee transfers to Woo-yeon's school, and he decides immediately that she's the girl for him. But she transfers back out after they've become friends. Eventually he accidentally discovers the university she's attending, and decides to go there. His parents almost literally fall over laughing because they don't believe he can make it (he's a smart but distinctly unmotivated guy who's now frying chicken for a living). But he does. The movie charts their bumpy friendship and occasional romance.

The leads are charming and convincing. There's less humour as the movie progresses, and it's happily somewhat less broad. It's a good look at how much timing influences romance, and how our choices for one thing affect everything in our lives.