'Nobody's Watching' - TV Review

"Nobody's Watching" is a slightly bizarre Netflix comedy from Brazil about "angelus" (not, it should be noted, "angels") who protect the living. Our main character is Uli (Victor Lamoglia), a new angelus - who has appeared fully formed, the first new angelus in 300 years. All the other angeli work in an unchanging system, never asking questions, and never seeing "the big boss." Uli tries to fit in, but immediately starts breaking rules, doing what makes sense to him. He becomes friends with a couple of the older angeli, Chun (Danilo de Moura) and Greta (Júlia Rabello) and the humans Sandro (Leandro Ramos) and Miriam (Kéfera Buchmann) while getting in trouble with his rule-abiding supervisor Fred (Augusto Madeira).

Goofy and fun, it makes an entertaining follow-up to "The Good Place."