Netflix Canada, your selection sucks


tags: Movies

I'm pretty new to Netflix. About a week ago I went looking for the BBC TV version of "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell," but - not finding it - I ended up watching "Sharknado." (I actually wanted to see that - it's a long story.) Last night I went back to watch "He Never Died," which never got a wide release and is available only on DVD (not BluRay). So that was good: it works well (if you're a Linux user, you have to use Chrome - not Chromium or any other browser). But afterwards I started poking around. I thought of another fairly obscure horror comedy I saw recently, "Cemetery Man" starring Rupert Everett. So I typed in Rupert Everett's name. It came up with two movies, both recent, and definitely not his best roles. Where's "An Ideal Husband," or "The Importance of Being Earnest?" Everett was born to do Shaw's plays, and was brilliant in both. And they have the entirety of "Scrubs," but not a brand new BBC "Jonathan Strange?" They're incredibly weak on foreign films in general. If you want recent Hollywood blockbusters or American TV, you're good. Wait, no - they don't have a lot of the recent blockbusters ... only the middle ground releases. If you want to see foreign films or foreign TV ... Netflix is not your friend.

Here's my recent viewing list, filtered through Netflix:

Blitz no
Bronco Billy no
Fantastic Four (2015) no
Ghost in the Shell no
He Never Died yes
Locke yes
Meet the Patels yes
Northanger Abbey no
Paprika no
Seven Samurai no
Sharknado yes
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride no
Star Wars: The Force Awakens no
Three Kings no
Tomorrowland yes
A Touch of Sin no
Twinsters yes

They have all the rest of Sherlock, but not the recent one-off episode.