'Muddy York' - Brew Pub Review

Muddy York Brewing Company
22 Cranfield Road

Muddy York, like many local microbreweries, has gone the "tasting room" route. This is an easier license to acquire, but imposes certain limitations: they can't serve full pints and they have to close relatively early. They're also not interested in being a restaurant (with all the health inspections and the like that that implies), but they're fine with you bringing food in. They list a closing time of 8 PM, but it seems that this is more the time of last admission - if you're having fun, you can leave as late as 9 PM.

Here's the rest of the checklist: Patio, yes; bottle shop, yes; flights, yes (four for $10); nice ambience and not too loud, check.

They're right in the middle of an industrial area in the up-and-coming St. Clair and O'Connor neighbourhood: you aren't finding them unless you're looking for them. And I'd recommend looking.

They seem to be putting an effort to maintaining 12 active taps, which is excellent: you'll always have choices. Of the beers I tried, I really liked the Diving Horse Pale Ale: sadly, they didn't have it bottled at the time. The Storm Glass IPA was fairly nice. The Muddy York Porter was an experience: lovely chocolatey nose, taste of coffee and chocolate, afternotes of cereal(?!). I've been known to taste things no one else could, but I was actually backed up on that really strange aftertaste. I wasn't a fan of the stout, but pretty much everyone else liked it. In fact, all four of us came away very happy with the beers we'd tried: definitely a good experience.

photo: My flight at Muddy York

Four labelled small beers in a holder

photo: The beer menu on the day we visited

A listing of twelve different beers

photo: They go for a 19th century slightly industrial aesthetic, and the taps are kind of awesome:

multiple beer taps mounted on a large diameter flanged pipe