'Mortal Engines' - Movie Review

Post-apocalyptic science fiction, in which London has become a mobile city, now roaming Europe in search of resources or smaller cities that it ingests. We first meet our heroine (Hester Shaw, played by Hera Hilmar) as she attempts to kill Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving), head of London's potential new power source. Our other protagonist is a Apprentice Historian at the Museum of London, who finds himself ejected from London by Valentine. He and Hester are forced to team up.

If that sounds ridiculous, believe me, it's only the beginning. There's slavers, cannibals, a flying city, a re-animated man, a doomsday machine ... none of which bothered me as much as the hamfisted scripting. I don't mind if you go all in on a crazy premise - if you can make it work. But whoever wrote this seems to have just graduated high school. Their writing is that unsubtle. The visuals would have been somewhat impressive five years ago, but these days anyone with a computer workstation and Blender can make something that looks like this. And maybe they can get a better script.