'Morbius' - Movie Review

It's not as bad as they said. I mean ... it's certainly not good ... but it's not terrible. A brilliant research doctor (Jared Leto as "Morbius") afflicted by a debilitating blood disease creates a hybrid bat-human blood ... which fixes his blood disease but makes him a vampire.

One of the early scenes of the movie finds us on a ship, where the doctor is doing his research because it's essentially illegal and "has to be in international waters." Shortly, all the crew are dead and the boat drifts back into New York(?). The name of the ship? The "Murnau." The dead ship is from Bram Stoker's Dracula, and F. W. Murnau directed "Nosferatu." For those familiar with Dracula and vampire stories, this is incredibly heavy-handed. For those not familiar ... it's meaningless, so why bother?

Morbius is an anti-hero, not a bad guy. His antagonist in this movie is his adopted brother (Matt Smith) who suffered from the same blood disease, and takes the same problematic cure. And the problem there was that I didn't really buy him turning out so vicious.

For the first two thirds of the film I thought the effects were passable. It was only in the last third - and particularly the final showdown where they went all out - that the weaknesses showed.

This is a bad movie, only for serious Marvel (or possibly vampire) devotees. I found it interesting enough in its failure to not regret watching it, but I can't recommend it.