'The Librarians' Season 2, TV Review

"The Librarian: The Quest for the Spear" was an incredibly silly but marvelously entertaining TV movie made in 2004. It spawned a couple of sequel movies, and then a TV series in which several librarians are recruited at once to defend the world against the resurgence of magic. This being the second season, the series has neither the beginning nor the end in sight. While the events of the shows are a crazy mash-up of science, literature, art, and magic, the writers usually seemed to be doing their homework whenever they referenced real things like books, plays, paintings, or architecture - which makes it fun trying to keep up with the references. And the characters remain charming, with John Larroquette's Jenkins character finally starting to like his charges.

Of the three seasons I've seen (there are four out there in the world, but I have oddly watched these in the order one, three, two), the first was the best. It was no less silly than the other seasons, but was fresh and new and at its most charming. (Season 3 review.)