'Juliet, Naked' - Movie Review

This 2018 movie is based on the 2009 Nick Hornby novel of the same name. The title references an album by an American artist that our British heroine's boyfriend is obsessed with. Our main players are Annie (Rose Byrne), who lives with Duncan (Chris O'Dowd), who mostly ignores her for his obsession with Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke). While Duncan screws up his relationship with Annie (she should have thanked him - she desperately needed to get out), Annie begins an email correspondence with Tucker. Which gets more real when family commitments call him to London and they meet.

I've always had a mixed reaction to Hornby's writing - although I say that based solely on movies, having never read any of his books. In looking at Wikipedia, I find I've seen all but one of the six movie adaptations of his books to date (I missed the original British "Fever Pitch"). I loved "High Fidelity," but could live without the rest. This one is alright: the three leads are all quite good. It manages the "comedy" part of "romantic comedy," but the "romance" felt more like a friendship, without any significant passion.