'James vs. His Future Self' - Movie Review

James (Jonas Chernick) is a brilliant scientist obsessed with the idea of time travel. He lives with his slightly crazy sister (Tommie-Amber Pirie), and his best friend is a female scientist (Cleopatra Coleman) he's been too afraid to make a move on. Then his future self (Daniel Stern) shows up to tell him what an incredibly bad idea time travel is, and how he's about to mess up his relationships with both his sister and his best friend. And gives him a deadline of less than a week. As his future self points out, if he actually manages to make a change ... the future self will simply vanish and stop bothering him.

It's awkward. It's distinctly Canadian - and even acknowledges that heritage, instead of the more common behaviour of having a Canadian city pretend to be American. It's funny, and kind of absurd - but manages to be thought-provoking despite that. Stern was surprisingly compelling as the older Jimmy, convincing as a man who's had too much time to think about what he's missed out on. Put it all together, and you have a surprisingly good - if weird - piece of work.