'Gilda' - Movie Review

Another star vehicle for the beautiful Rita Hayworth, and probably her most famous film. The movie starts with Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford), an American curbside gambler playing dice in Buenos Aires. He's saved from a robbery attempt by Ballin Mundson (George Macready) who also suggests a casino he can go to. The casino turns out to belong to Mundson, and Johnny is soon employed there. Mundson goes away for a few days, and comes back married - to Johnny's old flame Gilda (Rita Hayworth).

I really liked the first half of the movie, which is uncommonly intelligently written, and keeps you paying attention. But the second half of the movie focuses far too heavily on how much Johnny and Gilda hate each other. Individually neither of them is particularly nice although they both have redeeming features, but put them together and they torture each other. And that leads to a conclusion I didn't entirely agree with.

Worth a watch, but not a great movie.