'Game Night' - Movie Review

Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) are an extremely competitive couple who host a regular game night. Max's brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) resurfaces from Europe and invites everyone to a game night at his place - while also humiliating Max. The game night turns out to be a theatrical kidnapping - the problem being that a real kidnapping of Brooks occurs first and Max and Annie and their friends have no idea that this isn't the game. This results in some uncomfortable - but fairly successful - humour. But then there are more layers of false and real crime to be peeled back, and they kind of lost me on that. It's true, this isn't a movie you should go to expecting realism, but the improbability still bothered me. I also had a lot of trouble with Brooks: in some scenes he's a staggeringly reprehensible guy who'll sell anything to the highest bidder no matter who gets hurt, and in other scenes - after previously brutally humiliating his brother - it turns out he's doing all this for his brother and willing to sacrifice his life for him. So ... fairly funny in an uncomfortable way, but prepare yourself for a major suspension of disbelief.