'Dinosaur 13' - Movie Review

This is a documentary about the political fallout surrounding the excavation of the 13th T-Rex skeleton (nicknamed "Sue"). It was about 80% complete, and as such, quite an extraordinary discovery. It was found by the Black Hills Institute, a for-profit group in the Dakotas. I think we were meant to see how horribly mistreated the discoverers were - and indeed they were run through the wringer by the American legal system - but the main thing I got from it was just how incredibly messed up the American view of the world is, how incredibly profit-driven it is. The film makers try to pretend to be unbiased, but they obviously favour the BHI. The most obvious example of this occurs when we see a shot of the jail one of the BHI guys ended up in: it's titled "Florence Jail, Colorado" (or something similar, don't remember the wording) and then a subtitle appears: "known as 'Alcatraz of the north.'"

Mildly interesting, but a little long and definitely biased.