'Diamantino' - Movie Review

The movie is about Portuguese football ("soccer" to us North Americans) star Diamantino (Carloto Cotta). Wikipedia says "... [his] looks and persona bear an uncanny resemblance to that of real-life soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo." If so, Ronaldo should be insulted, because Diamantino is only slightly smarter than the fluffy puppies he sees when he's in the zone on the football field. Ah - I haven't mentioned yet: this movie is both absurd and surreal (these two are commonly found playing together). He helps rescue some refugees, his abusive twin sisters cause their father's death but tell him it was his fault for flubbing a critical goal, and his career goes down the toilet. So he adopts a refugee son - who is actually a female police woman in disguise. And really, that's just the beginning.

I was frustrated by a couple things that kind of don't count when you're watching something as surreal as this - but they still dragged me out of the movie and decreased my enjoyment of it. Diamantino is dumb as a stump - I'm sure several great movies have been made about people this lacking in brains, but I don't usually watch them as they make for less interesting characters. Then there's the voice-over from Diamantino - a more intelligent and omniscient version of him, which is at odds with the character we see speaking on screen. And finally there's the adult-woman-as-young-boy-adoptee thing: sure Diamantino is a moron, and this is an absurdist film, but even he couldn't fail to notice the gender of his "son" over the course of a week together.

Outside the realm of "reviewing," it was a strange co-incidence that I'm 3/4s of the way through the movie "Spaceship Earth" - a documentary about Biosphere 2. Because the mad scientist's lab in this movie was set at Biosphere 2.

I found the second half of the movie more interesting than the first, and I enjoyed the unjustifiably happy ending. I can't really recommend it, but it was at least different.