'Denise Ho: Becoming the Song' - Movie Review

Denise Ho was born in Hong Kong. In 1988, at the age of 11, she moved with her family to Montreal. She became a singer, winning a singing contest in HK and eventually apprenticing (more or less) with her childhood hero Anita Mui. (It's odd that I actually had an idea who Anita Mui is: not because I was a fan of her Cantopop career, but because she was in several movies with Jackie Chan.) This led Ho to a career as a Cantopop singer herself, but over the last decade she's come out as gay (presumably harder in HK than here), and become a major activist for the deteriorating human rights in Hong Kong. Which has led to her losing both her major markets, HK and mainland China (and most of her promotional deals).

I now know for sure - although I wasn't surprised - that I really don't like her music. I respect the stance she's taken, but between the music I didn't enjoy and the depressing and inevitable political outcome in HK, the movie wasn't much fun.