'Catwoman' - Movie Review

One of the most notoriously awful movies of the last 25 years, and the winner of four Razzies. Those are Golden Raspberries for the worst in film - in this case, Picture, Actress, Director, and Screenplay. I think it should have got one for worst special effects and/or worst fight choreography, but I'm a little late to the discussion since it came out in 2004.

Patience Phillips (Halle Berry) is an advertising artist at a beauty products company. She finds out too much about the not-entirely-safe product the company is about to launch, and is killed. But she's reborn as Catwoman. The story from there is inevitable: she solves the mystery and defeats the evil.

The problem is ... well, everything. The script is crap. Half the scenes are cringe-inducing (which is actually less than I expected after how often I'd heard about this movie ...). Berry is incredibly campy as Catwoman, but never does a single stunt: she's always replaced by blatantly obvious CG. Her outfit is particularly notorious: a skimpy, ludicrous, and surprisingly unflattering leather thing that probably inspired her equally silly hip-swinging walk. Benjamin Bratt plays the beefcake cop caught between the unassuming Patience and the very assertive Catwoman - he gets the least-bad dialogue.

Might be entertaining if you were really drunk, but I doubt it.