'Bus Stop' - Movie Review

A 1956 Marilyn Monroe movie, I thought this would be worth a look for that inclusion alone. I know almost nothing about her beyond the name and the myth.

The movie opens on Beauregard "Bo" Decker (Don Murray) showing off his cowboy skills - roping a calf with considerable speed. He's headed to Phoenix Arizona to compete in a rodeo. Unfortunately - both for him and for us - he's both stupid and socially incompetent. His friend Virgil (Arthur O'Connell) does his best to guide Bo, but Bo's pretty damn unbiddable. Especially after Virgil suggests Bo might want to meet a woman. Bo sees "Chérie" (Monroe) at a cafe, and decides she's the one - whether she wants to be or not. The movie was designed to put Monroe in a skimpy outfit for the entire running time. Chérie isn't exactly the brightest light, nor is she a moral high water mark for the neighbourhood. Bo ropes her (literally at one point) and gets her on the bus to Montana.

The acting is cheesy and overdone, although the script is written in caricatures so the fault isn't entirely with the actors. The whole thing is ham-fisted and cringe-inducing - particularly the punchline. Complete crap.