'Bar Hop Session' - Beer Bar Review

Bar Hop is a chain of three beer bars in the Toronto area, this one on the Danforth (near Pape) being the most recent of the three having opened in March of 2018. They have something on the order of 24 beers on tap, and about the same number again of bottles - although all the bottles were quite expensive. One of the lovely things about their taps is that not only can you order a pint - you can also order a 5 oz. glass for $3-$6 (depending on the beer). We took advantage of this: for myself, I'm more of a fan of tasting beers I'm not familiar with than drinking pints. It's a never-ending pursuit.

The space is nice, and relatively quiet with low lighting and found wood paneling - although TVs are still a given, at least the sound was off (and they appeared to be showing some bizarre and disjointed movie from the 1970s). The food was slow to arrive, but fresh and good when it did - we were also both fans of the "Smoke Show" (JalapeƱo-and-smoke) sauce they ostentatiously provided.

If I were further east on the Danforth I might go to the Only Cafe - they have a better beer selection (than pretty much anyone in the city!), but I'm definitely going to keep this place in mind as quieter and less cramped. Good beer list, good food.