'Atomic Blonde' - Movie Review

Based on a graphic novel. Spy Lorraine Broughton (an extremely fit Charlize Theron) is sent into Berlin just as the Berlin Wall is about to fall to try to recover a leaked list of all the spies on both sides of the wall that's about to go on the market. Her contact is David Percival (James McAvoy), who has (as described by the folks in London) "gone feral." We see him partying wildly, beating people up, and crossing from one side of the Berlin Wall to the other without much trouble.

There follow a very long list of betrayals and double crosses, with gun battles, and fist and knife fights - all done in Eighties fashion and often in garish colours. The soundtrack of Eighties music had some very good choices ("Cat People," "Major Tom," "London Calling") and some poorer ones ("Voices Carry," two versions of "99 Luftballons" when I could have done without any). The whole plot construct is so complex that we had to keep stopping the film to try to figure out what was going on. I was surprised to learn from Wikipedia that Broughton was supposed to be British (I thought she was an American spy temporarily seconded to the British). In the end we have a movie that's incomprehensible and unrewarding (and unbelievable) even if you can follow it.