'Aloys' - Movie Review

Aloys Adorn is a Swiss private investigator who worked with his father and meticulously avoids direct contact with other human beings, recording people on his video camera. When his father dies, he drinks himself into a stupor on a bus. When he wakes, he finds his camera and nine of his precious tapes are gone. Soon a female voice calls him, and essentially goads him into a form of fantasy to try to get his tapes back. He spends the rest of the movie stumbling back and forth between reality and a fantasy that he comes to enjoy more than his life.

This is a very weird movie. Tobias Nölle (the director) isn't being ambiguous about what's fantasy and what's reality: you'll know. He wants it to be very clear that what Aloys is enjoying so much is not actually reality ... It's well acted and does a fairly good job of representing the struggle in an isolated man's head between choosing fantasy and reality, but I found it awkward and inelegant.