2000 Movies

Some time in 2003 I started writing reviews of every single movie I watched, and most TV seasons as well. This was partly a librarian's personality at work, but mostly just a way to remind myself which movies I've seen and what I thought of them - it having become annoying to start watching a movie and thinking "Ah damn, I've seen this before." As of today, I've racked up 2000 reviews - a few of those are TV seasons, but I think that counts. You can find them here. I'm mildly embarrassed to say that #2000 was "Atomic Blonde," which sadly suggests that 15 years of movie watching hasn't significantly improved my tastes, but #2002 was "Gifted" which I greatly enjoyed (it'll be transferred from the blog to that other file in a couple days). That kind of movie is, slowly, becoming more my style. More talk, less action.

2000 movies. That's quite a few.

It's occurred to me that one of my three readers might ask "but which are your favourites?" How can I possibly answer that? There are so many, and it changes with the phase of the moon and my evolving tastes. But everybody loves a good list - making them, and also reading them - if only to tear them apart. Go to town.