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Brewery: Unibroue, Chambly
Name: Raftman
Style: ?
Percentage: 5.5
IBU: ?
Other: "Brewed from whisky malt." On lees. Unibroue is widely available in Toronto, but I haven't seen this one.
Tasting notes:

This is a Unibroue product, and like everything they do, it's on lees. I should not have bought this: it sounded appealing, but I've never in my life (we're talking going back 25 years) liked the taste of a Unibroue beer. And this was no exception. The on-lees dead-yeast taste was so strong it went down the sink after two small sips: I did try to detect the taste of whisky, but no, it was not to be.

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Photo © 2017, Giles Orr 
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