France 2009, Seconds

These are photos that I edited, but that I ultimately found didn't work as well as the ones on the main page. I can't bring myself to just drop them entirely, so you're welcome to look if you want.

I went panorama-crazy on this trip (using a wonderful piece of free software called hugin to stitch photos together), so you'll find a bunch of those rejects at the end of this page.

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Image france2009.2.20090813.1410.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 233469 b
Image france2009.2.20090815.1467.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 188189 b
Image france2009.2.20090816.1501.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 193196 b
Image france2009.2.20090816.1484.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 210726 b
Image france2009.2.20090816.1542.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 170109 b
Image france2009.2.20090816.1551.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 140777 b
Image france2009.2.20090816.1691.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 187253 b
Image france2009.2.20090817.1721.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 398494 b
Image france2009.2.20090817.1740.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 181305 b
Image france2009.2.20090817.1785.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 187040 b
Image france2009.2.20090817.1797.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 266399 b
Image france2009.2.20090819.1913.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 230195 b
Image france2009.2.20090819.1955.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 232903 b
Image france2009.2.20090819.1959.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 159765 b
Image france2009.2.20090820.1999.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 260587 b
Image france2009.2.20090820.2011.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 261203 b
Image france2009.2.20090820.2028.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 329503 b
Image france2009.2.20090820.2036.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 255851 b
Image france2009.2.20090821.2154.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 80720 b
Image france2009.2.20090821.2167.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 204313 b
Image france2009.2.20090821.2172.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 309338 b
Image france2009.2.20090821.2183.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 183724 b
Image france2009.2.20090818.1863.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 250287 b
Image france2009.2.CucugnanDinner.html, size 143412 b
Image france2009.2.AbbeyFontfroidePano.html, size 121039 b
Image france2009.2.GalamusPano.html, size 178994 b
Image france2009.2.MinervePano2.html, size 129456 b
Image france2009.2.MinervePano.html, size 57198 b
Image france2009.2.LyonPano.html, size 77140 b
Image france2009.2.ValencePano.html, size 54434 b
Image france2009.2.RennesLesBainsPano.html, size 77876 b 
by giles